The Zimbabwean – The Trillion Dollar Campaign

Amazing ad campaign for a South African newspaper for the Zimbabwean diaspora that makes a political commentary on the Mugabe regime.


Insights, Strategy & the Idea
Our client, The Zimbabwean newspaper, has been driven into exile for reporting on how the Mugabe regime has rigged elections, crushed the opposition, caused poverty, disease and the total collapse of the economy. And now, having been exiled, the regime has slapped a 55% luxury import duty on the paper (as if freedom of speech is a luxury) that makes it unaffordable for the average Zimbabwean.
To get the paper into Zimbabwean hands, it needs to be subsidised, and our client can only do that by raising awareness and driving sales outside Zimbabwe
Describe how the campaign was launched and executed across each channel in the order of implementation
We developed a unique solution. One of the most eloquent symbols of Zimbabwe’s collapse is the Z$ trillion dollar note, a symptom of their world record inflation. This money cannot buy anything, not a loaf of bread…

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